Road Traffic Accident Injury Claims

Injured in a road traffic accident?

Driving in the UK is safer than it’s ever been, thanks to a combination of driver education and the ubiquity of safety features such as air bags and crumple zones. Despite this, however, you can never truly allow for the recklessness of another driver, the dangers presented by unsafe driving surfaces or the harzards of bad weather.

According to a report released by the government in June 2014, figures show that during 2013:

183,670 people were injured in road traffic accidents which were reported to the police.

1,713 of these people were killed.

21,657 of the total people injured suffered serious injuries.


people are estimated to have been injured when accidents not reported to the police are taken into account.

For more details of the situation, see .

If you’ve been injured in a road traffic accident which wasn’t your fault then you’ve every right to think about claiming injury compensation. In the immediate aftermath of an incident you’re bound to be extremely shaken up and perhaps in physical pain. If possible, however, it’s vital to start gathering evidence for your claim as quickly as possible. Even what seem like fairly trivial injuries can end up having a major effect upon your quality of life and if another party was negligent then it shouldn’t be you that has to go on paying.


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