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Road Traffic Accident Compensation

It’s easy to feel completely safe when sitting behind the steering wheel of your car, and in many ways this is a good thing. Advances in safety technology and driving standards have resulted in roads which are often safer than they’ve ever been, but this very safety can have a dangerous side effect. It can make people forget that, for all the progress that has been made, the roads of the UK are still very dangerous places.

The truth facing any regular road user is that, ultimately, their safety is out of their own hands. A driver may be careful, highly observant, adhere to every speed limit and take note of every road sign and yet still find themselves caught up in a Road Traffic Accident (RTA) which has been caused by the negligence of a fellow road user. If this is the case then, at Compensation Calculator. we feel it’s only right that you should be able to claim compensation to help you get over this accident.

If you wish to claim compensation following a road traffic accident then it isn’t actually necessary to have been the driver of the vehicle in question. You may in fact be one of the passengers or even a pedestrian – the basic set of circumstances required for a successful road accident claim is that you have been injured because somebody else was driving in a negligent manner.

For anyone caught up in an RTA it will be a traumatic and frightening experience, resulting in injuries which could range from cuts, bruises and whiplash to severe disfigurement, disablement and even, in the worse cases, paralysis or death. Injuries lying anywhere along this spectrum cam have a long term detrimental effect upon your life, and, if compensation can help in any way towards putting your life back together and enjoying as speedy a recovery as possible, then it’s the least you deserve.

Here at we’ve dealt with thousands of RTA cases over the years, and this has enabled us to build up an enviable store of knowledge, experience and information. What all of

this has taught us is that a successful claim for compensation depends upon establishing the exact facts of the case, and that these facts are likely to be the subject of angry debate. The particular circumstances of each individual RTA will vary. The claimant may be:

  • The driver of a vehicle hit by another vehicle
  • A pedestrian who has been hit by a car
  • A passenger involved in an accident
  • A cyclist hit by another vehicle

In every case, a successful claim will rely upon demonstrating that you have been injured and that the accident which caused this injury was the result of another party’s negligence. In order to do this, it will be necessary to collect as much information as possible to paint the fullest and most accurate picture of the RTA. Amongst the details which will help our personal injury lawyers to do this are things like:

  • The contact details of any witnesses
  • Photographs of the accident if this is possible but, if it is not, a quick sketch showing the positions of vehicles, direction of travel, viewpoint of witnesses etc.
  • Receipts for anything you have to spend – these expenses will be taken into account by the court when calculating compensation.

In the event of suffering an injury, it’s vital that you seek medical help at the earliest possible opportunity. This will be beneficial for your health and will also provide medical records which can be used in evidence on your behalf. At the same time, you must inform the police of the details of the accident. This is a legal requirement and it will also produce a police report which will help to bolster your case.

If you feel you have been involved in an RTA for which a compensation claim may be pursued then contact us using the submission form at the top of this page, and our trained advisers will take your details and advise as to whether there is a case to answer.

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