University Hts: RTA Driver dies after bus accident

UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS -- An RTA bus driver has died after an accident Sunday afternoon around 3:30 p.m.

Police say Christopher Battle, 53, of Cleveland was the operator of an RTA Bus involved in a serious traffic crash.

RTA Transit Police report that the bus was headed north on Warrensville Center Road when it collided with several cars at the intersection. The bus also went over a curb, taking out shrubs and electrical boxes.

Several traffic lights were knocked down during the accident. Two cars were involved in the crash in addition to the bus.

One witness says it's "one of the worst accidents" they've ever seen involving a bus.

An RTA spokesperson says 2 others were injured in the accident. They were taken to Hillcrest Hospital. Their conditions are not known at this time.

Police believe Battle suffered from a medical emergency which may have caused the accident. However, the accident remains under investigation.

Police have closed the intersection

of Warrensville Center Road and Cedar Road. It will stay closed until a temporary traffic light can be erected at the intersection.

Check the RTA website for updated information involving the number 41 route.

Monday afternoon, RTA said it sends its condolences to the family of employee Christopher Battle, 53, who passed away after yesterday's bus accident.

Battle worked at RTA since 2005. Counselors from RTA's Employee Assistance Progam are on hand at the Hayden Garage to offer support to Battle's fellow employees.

There was significant property damage to the area, including the signaling system at Warrensville Center and Cedar Roads, which is in the process of being repaired.

Battle was driving a #41 bus. Two RTA bus lines, the #41 and #32, are still being diverted from this intersection as the repairs are underway.

Customers can call the RTAnswerline for any information about these bus routes at 216.621.9500.

The University Heights Police Department, along with RTA's Transit Police, will continue to investigate.


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