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If you have been injured in a Missouri bus accident — whether by a school bus, a city bus, or a commercial bus — and you are seeking legal assistance, the Missouri bus accident attorneys at Aaron Sachs and Associates may be able to help.

Bus accidents can be among the worst kind of motor vehicle accidents. Injuries from bus accidents are often very serious because of the size and weight of the bus in comparison to the vehicle they hit. If the bus hits a motorcycle, bicycle or pedestrian, the accident is usually catastrophic, and may result in permanent disability or even death.

Because buses are usually owned by large companies, municipalities, cities, counties or school districts, often a sophisticated team of insurance adjusters or lawyers will quickly begin working against you even if the accident was not your fault. We hope you will talk to a Missouri bus accident lawyer before you talk to any representative from the bus company and before you sign or agree to anything!

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Bus Accidents Can Be Complicated Cases

Bus accident claims can be more complicated than car accident cases. First of all, there are often multiple parties involved such as bus driver, the bus owner and/or a separate company that might be leasing the bus. If the accident involved a city bus or a school bus, there are even more complications and a large organization with multiple departments involved. If the accident was with a commercial bus or a tour bus, then you're usually facing a big company with sophisticated lawyers and a team of insurance adjusters whose sole purpose is to save the company money.

The other reason that Missouri bus accident cases can be complicated is

that often serious injuries are involved when a bus hits a car, motorcycle, bicycle or pedestrian. The accident may result in ongoing medical bills, extended periods of missed work, long-term disability and sometimes death. This is why it is very important when interviewing an attorney to represent you that you ask if they are familiar with Missouri bus accident claims not just car accidents!

Missouri Bus Accident Lawyers

Because of the many issues and complications involved in pursuing a Missouri bus accident claim, it is important that you choose an accident lawyer familiar with bus accident claims to represent you in the event of an accident involving a school bus, city bus, commercial bus or tour bus. Aaron Sachs and Associates has provided assistance for people hurt in road accidents for more than a decade and may be able to help you.

The Effects of a Bus Accident

A bus accident can turn your life upside down in a split second. What if it happened to you? Would you know what to do if you were involved in a Missouri bus accident? Who would you call for legal assistance and who would be on your side? Who will pay for your medical bills and any prescriptions, therapy, rehab or extended treatments? Who will pay for the damage to your vehicle or to replace your vehicle? What about missed work? What should you say to the insurance people if they call? Where do you start and how do you handle it all?

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These are the questions that Aaron Sachs and Associates often hear from the victims of Missouri bus accidents - whether by a school bus, a city bus, or a commercial bus. We've been helping Missouri accident victims with claims for medical bills, lost wages, disability, pain and suffering, and other losses for more than a decade.


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