Semi Truck Accidents

semi truck accidents

Semi trucks are large vehicles that transport a variety of goods, ranging from food and textiles to chemicals and cars, throughout the country. Semi trucks can vary in size and type of cargo, and some of the more popular types include cement trucks, refrigerated trucks and tankers. Semi trucks may also be referred to as big rigs, tractor trailers or 18-wheelers.

Regardless of their utility, however, semi trucks can be particularly dangerous on the road. as their weight and speed can significantly intensify traffic accidents when they occur. In fact, fatalities occur in about 98 percent of all tractor trailer accidents. If you or a loved one has been in a semi truck accident, it's essential that you attend to all of your medical needs and legal concerns in order to ensure a speedy, successful recovery and move on with your life.

Financial Help for Semi Truck Accident Victims

While emergency medical attention will be vital to saving patients' lives immediately after severe trucking accidents, once their health is stable, they should consult with an experienced accident lawyer to initiate the process of recovering the settlement award they need and deserve. If you've been injured in a truck accident and are in need of legal help, fill out the contact form and one of our experienced truck accident lawyers will be in contact with you shortly.

Semi Truck Accident Statistics

  • Approximately 500,000 truck accidents occur each year in the U.S.
  • About 5,000 Americans die in truck crashes annually
  • Twelve percent of all traffic accidents are truck collisions
  • The most dangerous types of trucking accidents are those that involve tractor trailers. In 98 percent of all tractor trailer accidents, the driver and/or passengers in the other smaller car(s) are fatally injured
  • Drivers of

    other cars - not the truck drivers - are responsible for causing more than 75 percent of all truck accidents

Causes of Fatal Semi Truck Accidents

Fatal semi truck accidents can occur for any number of reasons. including (not limited to):

  • Driver distraction, such as talking on cell phones, changing radio stations, eating, putting on makeup, etc.
  • Driver fatigue
  • Driver inexperience or lack of training
  • Driver intoxication (from alcohol, prescription drugs and/or illicit drugs)
  • Failure to obey traffic laws, such as by speeding or cutting off other drivers
  • Objects, such as debris or animals, in the roadway
  • Poor road, such as pot holes or lack of lighting
  • Poor weather conditions, such as heavy rains, winds or snow
  • Vehicle part malfunctions, defects or failures

Keep in mind that "driver" can refer to the truck driver or to drivers of smaller passenger vehicles on the road. When negligence or recklessness plays a role in causing or worsening a semi truck collision, injured parties will have a legal claim and will likely be entitled to a settlement for their injuries and losses.

Semi Truck Accident Attorneys

During a complimentary initial consult with one of our highly skilled semi truck accident lawyers, prospective plaintiffs can:

  • Get a comprehensive, professional evaluation of their case
  • Find out if they are eligible for an accident settlement
  • Ask questions about the upcoming legal process
  • Get expert advice on how to proceed with their claim
  • Secure professional, aggressive representation for all future legal proceedings


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