Car Accident Lawsuit Settlement Funding

Car accidents are fairly common. Chances are you, or someone close to you, has been involved in one at some point in their lives. Some accidents are minor, resulting only in minor property damage and a few cuts and scrapes. Others are quite serious and can result in devastating property damage and major injuries, including death. If you are a plaintiff involved in an car accident lawsuit and need cash now, you should contact Funds4Claims today and find out how you can obtain a low-cost, non-recourse pre settlement lawsuit loan.

Pre settlement cash advances from Funds4Claims are:

  • Fast: In most cases, we can have you approved and paid within 24 hours.

  • Free to apply for.
  • Honest: No hidden fees. Ever.
  • Low interest: We pride ourselves on providing our customers with

    the lowest rates in the industry.

  • Non-recourse: If you do not win or settle your case, you are not obligated to repay the cash advance.
  • No strings attached: Once your application is approved and the money is provided to you, you may use it however you want to.
  • Provided on the strength of your case, not on your personal credit or work history.
  • Funds4Claims is one of the top legal financing firms in the United States and Canada and many top law firms in the United States prefer us for their legal financing needs. Experience our wonderful customer service and superior legal financing services by calling us at 855.386.3744 or by filling out our fast and easy car accident lawsuit pre settlement funding application .

    Car Accident Lawsuit Pre Settlement Funding Services

    Car Accident Lawsuit Cash Advances


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