SMART Car Collides with Motorcycle, Motorcycle Driver Survives, SMART Car Driver Doesn’t

smart car accident

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If you happen to live in a major city, you’ve probably already seen the Smart Car, a toy micro car made by Daimler and driven by people who shop for groceries at Whole Foods and think the Democratic Party is drifting too far to the right. It’s one of those cars that government officials think we should all be driving in the future… if we want to die .

Despite all the crash tests claiming otherwise, the Smart Car is not exactly well set for a head on collision since it doesn’t really have much of a front. And that’s a problem even when you’re only colliding with a motorcycle.

A woman who died in hospital after a collision between her car and a motorcycle in Surrey has been named as Freda Lawry.

The crash between the Smart car and the bike happened on 27 January on the A245 Byfleet Road in Cobham…

The motorcyclist, a man in his 30s, was taken to George’s Hospital

in Tooting, where he remains in a serious, but stable condition, Surrey Police said.

Just imagine what would have happened if the Smart Car had hit a deer. The deer would have probably walked away. The Smart Car driver… probably not.

As Doug Ross points out. this is the dystopian death crawl future headed our away if Obama Inc’s bureaucrats have anything to say about it.

In order for auto makers to hit the government imposed mileage standards new cars will have to lose weight. Strong metals like steel will be replaced with light weight metals or plastics. But while these cars of the future will get great gas mileage they will also have less bulk to protect drivers and passengers from injury or death in a crash.

drivers in lightweight cars were up to twelve times more likely to die in a crash – and far more likely to suffer serious injury and permanent disabilities.

Killing more people is one way to make national health care work better.


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