Traffic accident report

traffic accident report

Reporting a Crash During Accident Alerts

An "Accident Alert" is declared when conditions (usually poor weather or other community emergency) are so severe that Police Officers are unable to respond to volume of motor vehicle crashes. Some cities may be on Accident Alert while others may not depending on how the conditions are affecting a specific area. You must call for Denver Police response by dialing 911 and speak with the dispatcher to determine if a Police Officer will be sent to the scene of an accident.

While Accident Alert is in effect, Police Officers will only respond if the following circumstances exist:

1) Damaged vehicles are causing the street

to be closed.

2) The crash involves a fatality or injury requiring medical attention.

3) Impaired driving (alcohol or drugs) is involved.

4) Any of the involved drivers fails to remain on scene (hit and run).

5) Any of the involved drivers does not have a valid driver's license.

6) Involves on-duty City personnel or there is damage to public property.

If the crash does not meet the criteria for a police response you must do the following:

1) All drivers involved must exchange their name, driver's license information, vehicle registration information and proof of insurance information.


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