Traffic accidents today

traffic accidents today

Rick Scott Comes to South Florida to Sign Aaron Cohen LIfe Protection Act

For the some 70,000 people each year, it was already too late. But thanks to the push from some concerned citizens -- including a lot of South Floridians -- bike riders, pedestrians, and motorists struck by hit and run drivers will now have a little justice. And to mark the occasions, yesterday Gov.. More >>

New Law Hopes to Curtail Florida's Epidemic of Hit-and-Run Deaths

It ended with a boom: a 40-year relationship and two lives -- one dead and gone, the other alive and alone. Jorge Arrojas and his partner, Miguel Larrieu, were heading home, fresh from a dinner party in Bal Harbour around midnight last August 10 on I-75 when a red 2009 Ferrari 430 Scuderia smacked t. More >>

Fort Lauderdale Cyclist Killed by Hit-and-Run Driver

On the heels of the Legislature's working on laying out harsher punishments for hit-and-run suspects and the trial of Axel Inostroza (a man who allegedly ran over a cyclist before dumping him in the woods), and this weekend's Fort Lauderdale Critical Mass comes the sad news of yet another cyclist be. More >>

Florida Legislators Pass Law With Tougher Punishment for Hit-and-Run Accidents

We've all been there: You're riding your bike, walking on the street, or simply driving and out of nowhere some South Florida speed demon almost runs you down in his or her car. According to unfortunate statistics from the state, it's more likely now than ever that the offending driver will take o. More >>

Palm Beach Sheriff's Office Conducting "Traffic Enforcement Initiative" Friday

The Palm Beach Sheriff's Office will be conducting something called a "traffic enforcement initiative" all day Friday as part of National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. The PBSO said on its Facebook page that its officers will be all about traffic enforcement in unincorporated Palm Beach Count. More >>


Mendoza, "2 Drunk 2 Care" Motorist, Arrested Monday With Eight Charges

More than four months after Kayla Mendoza allegedly (and drunkenly) careened into two young women on the Sawgrass Expressway, she has been arrested and formally charged with their deaths. In a story that went absolutely bonkers on the internet last November, New Times reported that the 21-year-old . More >>

Kayla Mendoza's Mistake Doesn't Mean Marijuana Shouldn't Be Legalized

The Kayla Mendoza "2 drunk 2 care" story is tragic. And, as anything this senseless and calamitous is prone to do, it has brought up a lot of passionate opinions, anger, and outrage. Most notably, people have taken to the comments in our original post of this story to debate the effects of marijuan. More >>

George Zimmerman Rescue Victims Don't Want to Portray Him as a Hero

On Monday, news broke that George Zimmerman emerged from hiding to rescue a family of four from an overturned SUV after an accident. And apparently, the couple Zimmerman rescued had planned a news conference for today. But they changed their minds because they don't want to portray him as a hero. . More >>

George Zimmerman Rescued Truck Crash Victims in Sanford

Police are confirming that George Zimmerman helped rescue a family of four who were trapped in an overturned truck in Florida between the intersection of I-4 and route 417 in Sanford. Since being acquitted for shooting and killing Trayvon Martin the past two weeks, Zimmerman has been in hiding. Th. More >>

Willie Dumel, Suspect in Wrong-Way Crash That Killed Family on I-95, to Be Arrested and Charged

The Florida Highway Patrol says it will arrest and charge the suspect in the horrific April 3 wrong-way head-on collision on I-95 that killed Dennis Ortiz, 31, of California, and Albertson Anthony Almase, 31, Kristina Almase, 26, and Lily Azarcon, 26, of the Philippines. See also: -Four Dead in Hor. More >>


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