What to do when you have an accident

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An accident is unexpected and usually a bad incident to experience. Usually you could not avoid the collision or you were suddenly struck from behind. Either way you have been in a car accident and need to know what to do. You are too frazzled to read a detail list so here is the quick list of what should be done so that information can be properly exchanged.

1. Stop your vehicle.

2. Move vehicle out of roadway or traffic flow, if allowable by local law.

3. Turn off the ignition.

4. Check for injuries.

5. Grab your wallet or purse along with your insurance information card.

6. Step away from the vehicle and away from traffic.

7. Call police or local law enforcement alerting them to where the accident occurred and if medical assistance is needed.

8. Write down the make, model, year, color, and license plate number of other vehicle involved in the accident.

9. Exchange information with other driver

10. Personal information exchanged should include name, telephone number, and address.

11. Ask to see the other party's driver's license to verify their personal information and write down their driver's license number.

12. Exchange insurance information. Make sure you have the

company name, policy number, and how to contact the insurance company. Make sure you have an address and telephone number.

13. Ask witnesses to stay until police arrive and/or ask them to write and sign a witness statement. Ask witnesses to include name and telephone number.

14. Draw diagram of incident scene. Sketch the direction of vehicles and roadways.

15. Take pictures of accident scene, cars, and injuries.

16. Cooperate with law enforcement officer. Answer question and give information as requested by the officer.

17. Ask officer for his or her information (badge number & station house). Make sure you can obtain a copy of the police report.

18. Leave the accident scene when advised by the police it is okay to do so.

19. Find a place to tow vehicle or drive away if the vehicle is not too damaged.

20. Contact your insurance company. If other party was at-fault then you should contact their company and setup a claim.

If you are involved in a multi-car collision, collect information from the drivers that damaged your vehicle as well as the party to be thought to be at fault if it is a chain reaction type of accident. By using this quick list, you should feel secure that you have received and exchanged the proper information after your startling incident.

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