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Employers have a ‘duty of care’ towards employees. If you’ve been injured as a result of your employer’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation.

Suffering an accident at work is unfortunately relatively common, and it can occur in any type of job. Every workplace has its own set of hazards, which if ignored, can cause injuries.

All employers are required by law to take steps to ensure their environment is safe and the risk of an accident at work is minimal.

This could mean testing machinery regularly, providing adequate safety equipment, or informing employees of dangers in the workplace, and how to avoid them. Each environment will have its own set of work accident risks, which need to be assessed by the employer.

If an employer ignores these responsibilities, for example if they fail to comply with Health and Safety laws put in place to make the workplace safer, and you’re injured as a result, you may be entitled to claim compensation.

95% of people think.

. it’s important to claim compensation after suffering from an occupational disease or after being injured at work.

National Accident Helpline data 2013

Accident at work claims and your rights

We know that some people worry about being treated differently, or even dismissed if they claim compensation after an accident at work. It’s illegal for your employer to discipline or dismiss you for making a work accident claim – this would amount to ‘unfair dismissal’.

Worried about the financial impact on your employer?

Some people choose not to claim compensation because they're worried about the financial impact their claim could have on their employer. It's important to remember that all employers are required by law to take out employer's liability insurance, so if your claim is successful, your compensation is paid by

the insurance provider and not your employer.

Types of work accident claim

An accident at work can occurs in many places, including:

  • A factory or warehouse
  • An office
  • A restaurant or shop

It can also include a van or car if driving is part of your job. In this case, company vehicles would need to be safe and roadworthy.

Injuries occurring in the above places can also take on several forms and be the result of many different things. Some common work place injuries include:

  • Repetitive strain injury from repeated movement leading to irritated ligaments and muscles
  • Vibration white finger through regular use of vibrating machinery
  • Industrial deafness or hearing damage caused by loud noises at work.
  • Chemical injury from unprotected interaction with harmful chemicals
  • Asbestosis caused by inhaling asbestos particles

Returning to work

Returning after an accident at work can sometimes be a stressful period. It may be a good idea to try and keep in touch with colleagues while recovering, to make the transition back to work as smooth as possible.

It’s also important that you don’t rush back to work too quickly after a work accident. Remember – our solicitors will factor any money you've lost through your absence into your accident claim.

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Or, if you’d like more information on claiming after an accident at work, you can read what a few of the people we’ve helped have to say about their experiences on our Work Accident Testimonials page.


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