Workplace accident report form

workplace accident report form

Workplace Accident Reports

Workplace accident reports are the final step in the accident investigation process. The report should include the who, what, where, when and to-what extent as well as recommendations for prevention of future accidents of the same nature.

Accident reports should identify not only the specific cause, but also the root cause which typically is a failure of some aspect of the safety program such as engineering controls, administrative controls or safety training.

Typically the accident report is completed by the person assigned to investigate the accident. The should be thoroughly trained in accident investigation elements and procedures so that an effective report is developed for management review.

All corrective actions identified in the report should be assigned to a specific person for

action with a date due for completed action.

Information contained in the accident report are used to complete the "first report of injury" which is the OSHA 301 form. This first report is required by OSHA if an injury or illness to a worker occurs.

To be and effective tool, an accident report should be clear and concise. The purpose of the investigation is to prevent future accidents. The following outline has been found especially useful in developing the information to be included in the formal report:

1. Background Information

a. Where and when the accident occurred

b. Who and what were involved

c. Operating personnel and other witnesses

2. Account of the Accident (What happened?)


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