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Workplace Accidents Happen Everywhere

Many people believe that most workplace accidents occur at construction sites or in manufacturing facilities. They hesitate to relate their injuries to their less physical job responsibilities or more loosely structured employment scenario. However, because computer-centered tasks and service industry jobs are much more prevalent than ever before, many Pennsylvania employees with less physically demanding jobs and more abstract employment responsibilities still suffer injuries compensable through their employer’s Workers’ Compensation insurance coverage. The categories of “workplace injuries” includes much more than the construction worker’s strain, sprain or ligament tear, or even an office workers’ carpel tunnel syndrome .  Compensable workplace injuries can occur in a multitude of job scenarios and various employment situations.

Don’t hesitate to inquire about Pennsylvania’s Worker’s Compensation law as it pertains to any workplace injury that happened at your place of employment, was caused by an activity that is part of your job duties, or occurred at a “satellite” location while you were performing your job requirements. You may be eligible for benefits or compensation for more unusual work-related problems such as occupationally acquired illness and infection, workplace violence, or injuries suffered while an employee is telecommuting, traveling or working from a home office.

The knowledgeable, experienced Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation lawyers at the Media, PA law firm of Schmidt, Kirifides, Fridkin & Rassias understand the complex requirements of proving a nexus between your injuries and your employment and represented clients with many diverse work situations and various work-related injuries. Our Delaware County Workers’ Compensation attorneys will have the answers to your important questions about workplace injuries, whether you work for an employer in Delaware County, Bucks County, Philadelphia County, Berks County, Chester County, Montgomery County, or any outlying county in Pennsylvania, even if you live out of state.

Many Types of Employees Suffer Workplace Injuries

It is true that construction workers are prone to workplace injuries resulting from operating equipment such as cranes . using tools, electrocution or falling from a ladder orscaffolding. Similarly, commercial truck drivers are the employees most likely to suffer a workplace injury due to a motor vehicle accident with their tractor-trailers, haulers or taxicabs. Even so, work-related injuries can occur on any job site and in any category of employment.

Healthcare workers —nurses, physicians, technicians—may slip or trip over medical equipment in a hospital, clinic, nursing home or doctor’s office, sometimes suffering a serious injury that will require costly treatment or result in a loss of wages for an extended period of recuperation. Also, computer operators, data entry workers, and other office employees whose jobs include repetitive movements or long

periods of standing or sitting in the same position, are at high risk to suffer from such workplace ailments as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS).

Handling a toxic substance or suffering exposure to hazardous materials during a workplace accident can externally or internally burn , scar or disfigure a worker. Industrial facility, factory, and warehouse employees can be victims of painful injuries following falls or impacts with heavy equipment or high-powered tools. Carpenters, machinists and assemblers in the manufacturing sector are particularly susceptible to this type of workplace accident. Forklift operators and production line workers alike may need an experienced Media Pa Workplace Accident attorney to file a Workers’ Compensation claim following a workplace accident or injury.

Pennsylvania employees working in sanitation facilities . recycling centers, airports or other public transportation systems do jobs that often involve some heavy lifting or awkward positioning of the worker’s body, situations occasionally resulting in a compensable injury. Airport workers and train system employers, who employ baggage handlers, flight crews and food service workers, are also required to carry Workers’ Compensation insurance for their employees in case of workplace injury.

Employees who provide services to the general public may also suffer compensable injuries at work. Maids, janitors, cooks, and delivery drivers all perform job duties that may result in workplace injury. Many service industry workers overuse or misuse body parts and muscles in such a way that a stress injury occurs over time. Other public service providers such as police, fire, corrections officers, and public works employees can develop problems at work that require medical treatment or time off the job that may be covered by Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation insurance.

Contact Our Experienced Media PA Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

At the Media, PA law firm of Schmidt, Kirifides, Fridkin & Rassias . our Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation attorneys represent workers who are injured in every employment field inBucks County, Berks County, Delaware County, Philadelphia County, Montgomery County, Chester County. or any other community in Pennsylvania.   We never represent the employers or the insurance company, so we always have your best interests in mind if you’ve suffered due to a workplace accident, injury or illness.

Contacting the Media, PA Workplace Accident attorneys at Schmidt, Kirifides, Fridkin & Rassias may be the most important move you make on your road to recovery. Our Media, PA Workers’ Compensation attorneys understand the particular demands of your job, workplace, and work conditions, and can explain your options under Pennsylvania law. Call us today at 610.892.9300  to schedule a free consultation with one of our dedicated Delaware County Workers’ Compensation attorneys or submit your case online .


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