Tips on Filling out an Incident Report Form

accident incident report form

Every accident site has many witnesses. However, among those witnesses there are just a few who are ready to present themselves as legal witness. These people are very important for a number of actions, and their help is needed by lawyers or insurance companies. Thus, the incident report form is what is filled by a person who has witnessed an incident by his own eyes, be it an employee, contractor or someone else.

To be helpful for the insurance companies or lawyers in solving out a case related to a particular incident, it is important that a number of details should be noted down at the time of incident. These may include the date, time and the spot of the accident (e.g. incident at work ). Any injuries faced by the victim are also recorded, along with the victims’ personal information if he is conscious.

Apart from all this information, an incident report form will also be filled by the witness details and their statements. All the people present at the spot are asked to present non biased information, without blaming anybody. It is always better if the witnesses as well as the victim sign the report, and photos are taken of the place where incident took place. This provides more and more clues to help out solve the case.

All this information is very essential to prepare the incident report form. Once all the necessary details are recorded, it is important that the report is handed over to a department, to convert it into a proper

thing for easy analysis to solve the case. More finding and more clues should also be added to the already prepared report.

Usually this practice is carried out at the site of incident. However, if ever you witness an incident, say a car accident, and wish to present an incident report form, here are a few tips that you must keep in mind.

Before you begin with the incident report, make sure you plan out and gather your thoughts regarding what you have to write. To make your report clear, and one that can be easily understood, make sure you outline the incident properly and completely. Check out your calendar to confirm the date of the incident. Write in it whatever you saw, what people were doing at that time and how the incident took place. Your incident report form needs to be very clear, removing any chances of misunderstanding in it. Since you are presenting yourself as a witness, it is important that you include your personal information in it. This will include your legal name, your address, phone number, email address and other necessary contact information. You need to mention all the other necessary information as well including who else was present at the site and what actually took place. It is important that the incident report should contain each and every detail that will make it easy for the legal actions to be taken. It should be such that whether it is presented to an insurance company or a lawyer, it should help them a lot.


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