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accident advice bureau

Many people suffer from an injury due to an accident at work at no fault of their own, due to negligence of a colleague or the employer. Work accidents can occur in any workplace, in a supermarket, store room, office construction site, factory, warehouse or even on public sites. Here at the Accident Advice Bureau, we are here to assist people to receive compensation for accidents at work on a No Win No Fee basis.

When you are at work, your employer has a responsibility to ensure you are working in a safe environment and are provided the correct apparatus for you to get on with your work correctly. If you suffer from an injury due to a work accident as to safety requirements that have not been met by the employer you are entitled to be compensated for any personal injury you may have sustained as a result of this.

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At your workplace, you will have strict Health and Safety regulations to make sure employees are working in a safe environment. Work related accidents can come about due to many reasons; employees may have been provided with faulty equipment, not received the adequate training i.e. manual handling training, or how to use certain machinery for a duty, or asked to do something that resulted in a major or minor injury that could have been prevented if training was given.

By law, it is the employer’s responsibility to have any accident at work recorded in the accident book which is always on-site which your evidence that your accident actually occurred.

For more information or further advice on how to claim for a work related accident call us on 0800 0 502 503 or fill out our online claim form to speak to one of our injury claim specialist team.


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