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So its almost Ocho de Mayo (I forgot how 7 is said in Spanish) and I’m still trying to finish all of the Mexican beers that The Brew Club exchanged last week for the Cinco de Mayo beer reviews !

I think its better actually to slow down the beer reviewing schedule. Its hard to write something useful and coherent after drinking some of this stuff!

Today’s Mexican beer review is Dos Equis Amber .

I’ve actually never tried anything from Dos XX, the Lager is still on deck for sometime in the future! This beer comes in a brown glass bottle, and as the label suggests, the beer is a nice amber color. Pouring the Dos XX Amber into my official testing-glass, I found that the Dos Equis Amber generated quite a bit of “bubbling-action” (my technical term) – more than the other Mexican beers I’ve recently sampled. Maybe this would be the Champagne of Mexican beers?

Not to be un-disappointed, the

Dos XX Amber didn’t really have much of a distinctive smell in the glass, kinda plain actually and certainly nothing to write home about.  The taste was equally unremarkable. It tasted OK, but again very much average.

It was a little sharp on the tongue at first, and then the flavor quickly mellowed and then – nothing. The Dos XX Amber didn’t leave a weird feel or anything in my mouth, I’m not banging it like that at all – it just didn’t impress me.

Dos Equis amber really didn’t push any buttons for me. In the future, I might order it at a restaurant if there was nothing else, and someone was buying for me!


OK, so here’s a little update! I’ve found that this beer is a good match with Tex-Mex food (duh). Dos XX is served at both of my favorite Mexican restaurants, and its usually what I go with. STILL, I think an American Pale Ale or even an IPA would go better!


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