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About The Advocate Magazine. The publication of record for the gay/lesbian movement since 1967, The Advocate Magazine is a magazine that gives you all the important news and reports on all the issues of most interest to the gay and lesbian community. In addition to news stories, you'll also read articles on health, the arts, and entertainment, as well as a lively opinion section.

The advocate does not seem to advocate lesbians

A review of The Advocate Magazine. August 12, 2009

I find it incredibly male dominated and a great deal of the articles pandering to the shallow. I think that they have a few good political columns but over all it is disappointing and certainly doesn't represent the gay community as a whole.

The New,s on our life style.

A review of The Advocate Magazine. August 5, 2009

And it,s fun along with Curve I get the info I need.


a magazine for the ages

A review of The Advocate Magazine. July 30, 2009

Submitted by: timmwv from Beaver, WV

The Advacate has brought me through pain, torment, mutiple choices, lafter, fun, inlightment and growth in myself. Now my life is in a down swing. ie-parkinson,two lower disk removal, and three turmors in my throat. But I love each and every issue. Hope this is typed ok, got the jitters :)

Thanks and God Bless


Good, but more for men. Would like more politics and research

A review of The Advocate Magazine. July 14, 2009

Living in a very conservative area, this magazine has helped us to feel connected to issues that matter in "our" community. Since issues that matter to us are not necessarily popular in our area, it is nice to read a point of view that we can identify with.


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