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Advice & Advocacy Bureau Ltd

Advice & Advocacy Bureau Ltd is a Christchurch based company specialising in ACC, founded by Claire Parry-Canet. Claire worked as a Resolution Advisor for Dispute Resolution Services (DRSL), office of the Reviewers dealing with ACC disputes. Claire has a LLB (France) and is a NZ qualified mediator AAMINZ, with an in-depth knowledge of ACC internal processes, policies, regulations and legislation.

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I consider claims for cover, weekly compensation stoppages, vocational independence decisions, independence allowance and lump sum compensation, rate of weekly compensation, appearance at reviews and appeals, work injury disputes, general queries and file overviews.

Access to legal information, advice and assistance. If you are a disabled person with a legal problem related to disability, contact us and we’ll try to help you resolve it, or work with you to find someone who can.

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A.I.S.T’s commitment & support helps to relieve the stresses for the claimant, both personally & family related.  The stress is commonly caused by the loss of financial resources due to the inability to continue physically at work, as you may have prior to the resulted injury.

The trust is committed, wherever possible, to the reinstatement of A.C.C. entitlements and the empowerment of claimants to re-enter the workplace after adequate rehabilitation.

Access Support Services offers effective representation for all ACC and workplace insurance clients. Experienced advocacy is only a phone call away. We can help you access your entitlements - including those you have been declined or perhaps not told of.

Assistance with cover decisions Assistance with cover decisions for complicated claims Assistance with decisions concerning entitlements including: Assistance with obtaining appropriate rehabilitation support and returning to work Representative and advice:

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Injury Compensation Services Ltd

11 Ilford Pl, Palmerston North, New Zealand Phone:

0-6-355 4207

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Jeannette Brock - Whangarei

Advice ACC claimants on their entitlements, and represent claimant at the review and appeal process.

I give advice to ACC claimants, also represent claimants at reviews and appeals, very successful at what I do.

A Wellington-based business that specialises in ACC matters and represent hundreds of clients from all over New Zealand.

John Michael Miller is a former Senior Law Lecturer in torts and crimes at Victoria University of Wellington. For the last 30 years he has also represented claimants nationally as a barrister specialising in ACC and crime victims\' compensation.

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KFM & Associates

The Advocate are a national New Zealand Advocacy firm with our main office in Christchurch, and have clients located throughout New Zealand. Our Advocates will assist you in Accident Compensation; Administrative Reviews; Alternative Disputes Resolutions; Business Services; Community Organisations; Education; Employment; Environmental; Health & Disability; Health & Safety; Human Rights; Judicial Reviews; Lobbying; Mental Health issues; Privacy Issues; and Social Security.

We are an independent advocacy service, providing comprehensive support and assistance to ACC claimants. Our service is telephone based, confidential and free.

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Piers D. Hunt LLB - Napier

I am recognised as one of the foremost specialists in advocacy for ACC and Employment Relations in Hawke's Bay.

I offer free consultations, a very competitive base fee and a clear breakdown of fees to you before the case is taken.  - There are NO hidden surprises!

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Schmidt & Peart Law- ACC Lawyers

We are an Auckland-based firm specialising in accident compensation law. Partners Philip Schmidt and Hamish Peart represent claimants in all areas of ACC and personal injury law, including:


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