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Substantiated Complaints and Adverse Action Report

Adoption Service Provider Information Name Adoption Advocates, Inc. Mailing Address 11407 Seminole Boulevard; Largo, FL33778

Substantiated Complaints and Adverse Actions

2/21/2012 – Complaint filed in the Hague Complaint Registry

Status: Complaint investigation completed.

Nature of the Substantiated Violations:

96.35(a) & 96.36(b): The agency failed to verify a birth mother’s pregnancy in accordance with the agency’s procedures and continued working with a birth mother despite multiple indications

of falsified information. The agency paid the birth mother’s living expenses and intermittent requested payments without verifying her pregnancy. The agency lacks protocols to monitor, assess, and/or prohibit direct communications between prospective adoptive parents and a birth mother to ensure that inappropriate requests for money for the inducement to release children in adoption cases does not occur.

96.36(a): The agency does not have a thorough system for verifying receipts or ensuring that money is paid towards legitimate adoption related expenses.

96.41(f): The agency failed to disclose the complainant’s complaint in the appropriate reporting period.

Adverse Action: 60-Day Suspension and Corrective Action Required

Status of Adverse Action: In process


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