Advocate aires rodrigues

advocate aires rodrigues

Social activist Advocate Aires Rodrigues has filed a complaint before the Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa against Goa's controversial Advocate General Mr Subodh Kantak for his alleged professional misconduct.

Mr Rodrigues had drawn the attention of the Bar Council to a note moved by the AG on July 15, 2005, seeking to terminate the services of Special Public Prosecutors Mr A P Cardozo and Mr V P Thali, who were handling the prosecution of criminal cases against former Ministers Mr Dayannad Narvekar, Mr Mauvin Godinho and Mr Somnath Zuwarkar. Prior to becoming Advocate General, Mr Kantak was defending these former Ministers in various corruption-related cases.

The complaint stated that since Mr Kantak had appeared for Mr Narvekar, Mr Godinho and Mr Zuwarkar before becoming Advocate General, he could not have moved such a note to benefit his former minister clients.

The government records obtained by Mr Rodrigues under the Right to Information Act had revealed that Mr Kantak as Advocate General had made recommendations for change of special public prosecutors in criminal cases in which he had appeared earlier for the accused former ministers.

When this action of the government in changing the special Public Prosecutors was challenged in the High Court, the AG, after his initial appearance for the state, subsequently did not appear

but continued to manipulate, monitor and co-ordinate every move in the petition before the High Court by even assisting in the drafting of affidavits, the complaint said.

The AG had also, by a note dated 06/07/2006, proposed that the State of Goa engage the services of Senior Counsel from Mumbai Mr Aspi Chinoy with fees of Rs 1,35,000 per appearance along with Advocate Nitin Sardesai and Mr Mahesh Sonak with fees of Rs 5,000 per appearance to defend his former minister clients in the High Court, the complaint said.

The notings of the files obtained from the Law department under the Right to Information Act, which allegedly reveals that Mr Kantak as Advocate General had acted in rank violation of professional ethics, had also been sent to the Bar Council.

Stating that Mr Kantak's acts amounted to a conflict of interest, Mr Rodrigues has in his complaint stated that the AG had misused his position as to oblige his political masters Mr Narvekar, Mr Zuwarkar and Mr Godinho, whom he was earlier representing.

Demanding the Bar Council's action against the AG, he had in his complaint stated that the actions of Mr Kantak amounted to ''gross interference in the process of administration of justice and that he had degraded the high constitutional post of Advocate General.''


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