Advocate auto claims

advocate auto claims

19th of Nov, 2010 by User226982

Originally contacted Advocate Auto Claims in February, 2010 for

assistance recovering diminished value for an accident in my recently

purchased car with only 7,000 miles on it - a prime candidate according

to my claims specialist Armando. Below is a quote from the email

received to entice me into signing to their representation:

depending on the at-fault driver's insurance company.

At Advocate Auto Claims, we provide our clients with

the only Full Service Diminished Value Claims processing company in the


We service the consumer's interest with personal advocates, licensed

public adjusters, and afull legal staff ." (emphasis mine)

company was having the same issue, but it would have been nice if they called ME to give that update. That problem was ultimately resolved - the person who hit me accepted responsibility and their insurance paid out in full on the claim in June. I let Advocate Auto Claims know that they should renew their efforts for collection. Fast forward to October, when I call to check on the status - again - by the way, voicemails are never

returned and emails are only returned until you sign your representation agreement - they tell me that they were unable to collect and are discontinuing their efforts. I finally received an official notification of this on October 28 with the reason "We have been unable to locate an attorney in your area who is able to further pursue this case through litigation, and must close out your file at this time " So where's the full legal staff. Had I known that their business model was to send some best-attempt letters with outrageous claim amounts to the insurer with hope that the insurer just bends over and gives them half of it, I would have not bothered. No one did an actual assessment. They also promised to email me all correspondence in case I wanted to continue with the claim myself, but never did, which didn't surprise me. I would like to say that this cost me nothing but time calling them for updates, and at no point did they attempt to bill me for the "services" they provided. But I'd rather have all that time back. They charge an equivalent contingency amount to a lawyer - 33% - but don't actually do any of the legal work. They should remove Mass as a state that they service from their list.


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