Advocate bp monitor

advocate bp monitor

This review is from: Advocate KD7902 Advocate Wrist Bp Monitor, OSFM (Health and Beauty)

I've used a Samsung and an OmRon BP Arm-Cuff monitors, the Samsung errors-out about 80% of the time, and the OmRon worked great but was a loaner from a family member, so I had 2go back2 the Samsung (urghh!!). Then I found this little meter for <$15 + $7 S/H Total=$21.27 (after crediting Amazon Points). This meter is QUICK, very intuitive, and it measures within 10-pts of the OmRon consistently. I JUST got it and have been using/playing-with it for the past hour - so I will likely update this rating later with more comments if things Go-South, but Right Now I am ECSTATIC! I would definitely recommend this product. AND. they got it to me QUICK. (it also matches my + holds my True2Go Glucose Meter, which is tiny and accurate).

6/25/13: It's been 1-1/2wks and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS METER. Takes about 10-seconds to startup, and takes about 30-seconds to air-up and give results. The results are consistent, and tomorrow I have a regular PCP DR Appmt and I'll compare it to their reading then. My niece recently was diagnosed with hypertension, and I've recommended this meter to her. Perfect!!

7/19/13: Sorry for the delay in updating. I've compared it to the results at both my Prim Care Physician's office AND with my Cardiologist's Office. They BOTH took the meter and <while I was waiting for the DRs> showed it to the other members/Nurses in their office (where I'm sure they tested it themselves for accuracy). It's the Real Deal, it's small and easy to carry around, and I measure at least 4X each day (I can't help but wrap this meter around my wrist and fire it up, just because it works so accurately & quickly. so I now take

my BP after I exercise and watch the inverted 'Bell-curve' that happens after I exercise riding my bicycle). Honestly, I fire this meter up about >=6x daily (though I only record those results right before I eat 3x daily, just like my Glucose Readings). It works great. And, if you want/need an equally accurate/tiny GLUCOSE METER (yup, I'm border-Type-II Diabetic), then check out the tiny TRUE2GO Meter (I've also tested this against my DR's Offices and it works accurately, quickly, and it is tiny - so it's easy to carry around). I stick the diabetic meter, which also carries test strips + test Lancer, into the small BP Meter wrist band and close the wrist band - which both then practically fit into the palm of your hand.

8/12/2013: Hello, and thanks for reading my Review. So far

So GOOD. I still love this meter and plan to buy one for two family members soon. They have been advised they need to keep track of their (borderline) BP Readings, but don't regularly do so. I hope that they use this wrist monitor daily. BTW - Start-Button & then Actuation Time: 10-15 Seconds (not very long At ALL!!)

Reading Time: (time for pump & reading) 15-30 Seconds (also, shortest time I've experienced)

Accuracy as compared to Medical/Manual Readings: VERY Accurate

Battery Life: I've used the Batteries, Testing AT LEAST 3-times/day, since June 2013, and I have not had a need to replace the batteries during this (2-month) time period. I still endorse this product. I still recommend this BP Monitor and Doctors&Nurses have endorsed it (both - at my Cardiologist Office and General Practioners Office). I had Open Heart Surgery in 11/2012 - so I know how important it is to keep track of my BP, as do my Medical Team. -)


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