Britax Advocate 70 CS Vs. Britax Advocate 70 G3

old advocate car seat vs new one

“What’s the difference between the old Britax Advocate 70 CS and the new Advocate 70 G3?”

If you’re wondering about the differences between the ‘Next Generation’ Britax Advocate and the new ‘G3′ Advocate, you’re not alone! Here is a list of features that have changed in the newer version of this car seat:

Let’s begin with what Britax did NOT change in these new car seats:

The shell size of these convertible car seats have not changed, which means that he new G3′s will fit your child in the same way the older Advocates fit, so you have nothing to be concerned about regarding changes in height or width.

There are only 4 changes that have been made in the new Advocates; here they are:

hugs harness straps safe cell in g3
  1. There is now SafeCell Technology in the HUGS pads on the harness straps. You may remember the honeycombed-shaped hollow cells in the base of all Britax convertible car seats that compress in case of an accident, which lowers the center of gravity for added protection. Now this same SafeCell material is incorporated into the HUGS

    pads, while the previous Next Generation convertibles only had SafeCell in the bases.

You can see the SafeCell in the HUGS pads, and how they absorb potential crash forces, at the end of this video:

  • The airbags on the sides of the Advocate are now black; in prior versions they were white. No other changes have been made to these side airbags other than the color.
  • In the G3 car seats, the HUGS pads on the harness straps are now attached to the rear shell of the car seat, which helps them to stay in their proper position. In the old versions of the Britax Advocate, it was possible for the HUGS to slide all the way down the harness straps; and they are meant to be placed at armpint level for maximum safety.
  • Britax has designed a new system called the EZ Buckle for the front crotch strap which makes the strap stay forward. This is helpful when placing a child into the car seat, as you no longer need to worry about fishing the crotch strap out from underneath your baby’s bottom.


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