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For anyone looking for a position as an advocate, often the most important qualities you will need for the position is a sound and specific education, and a good amount of experience in the field. You application needs to be perfect, and you must have both a high quality Advocate Resume and cover letter.

Your application should start with an Advocate cover letter. This letter will indicate that you would like to apply for the position, but it must also indicate why you think that you are the right person for the job. Remember that a lot of the information about why you are suitable is going to go into your Advocate Resume, but you can cherry pick a few important facts for your cover letter such as having a masters degree in Advocacy, and you should also mention if you have been mentored by anyone in the advocacy field prior to getting your first position. You should also mention how long you have been working in the field, and also briefly mention what areas of advocacy you have specialised in before.

Once your cover letter is complete, you need to make a start on your Advocate Resume. This resume needs to show all of the work that you have done in advocacy, and it also needs to go into great detail about your qualifications in the field. Start off the Advocate Resume with an objective statement. This statement needs to explain where you see your career headed over the next five years as an advocate. Show your ambition, but you also need to consider how far realistically you will be able to progress within the role for which you are applying before you write this. Try to streamline your objective to highlight the

area of advocacy that you want to work in, and make sure this is aligned with your skill set and the requirements of the job at hand.

Follow this section with a general skills list. This should mention the amount of experience you have as a case worker in advocacy, and your specific abilities you have which relate to the position. These can be things such as great communication skills, an understanding of court policies, your ability to work with different types of people and your ability to analyse things quickly.

The next section should be about your professional experience. Try to list all of your positions in reverse chronological order and make sure you explain each position fully. Explain what each position entailed, and mention how your natural skills allowed you to succeed in each post. You can mention any of your research techniques here, and your ability to judge and communicate effectively.

Follow the previous section with a section on your qualifications. This should start with your most impressive and relevant qualification, such as a Degree in Social Work, or perhaps a law degree of some sort. Make sure you go into great detail about this qualification, explaining what it was about the qualification which makes you a good Advocate.

It is highly important that your Advocate Resume has all of the information required to indicate all of your skills required for the role of advocate. It is a position which often requires a lot of different qualifications, and they all need to be in your resume. Always focus on your highest achievements which in this case will likely be a master’s degree in Advocacy.

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