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The Advocate by Daniel Madison Ellusionist

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Cardmaster Andmagic: I like it. So smooth. I dont think the deck was random though. Although the deck was not set up in any way or anything like that. It really way a standard deck. The guy may not have known he was going to be picked but the deck was not random. Really nice trick though.

Griffin Watt: So what the hell was the mug for

Bloody Beethoven: I know how he got the card in the deck. I just can't think of how he got THAT specific card into his hand without anyone noticing.

Belu Mahony: @SmartyPantsUnderwear wow being very smart by telling the trick. whats the point of magic? you're ruining it.

Jett Minor: What is the name of the song playing in the background through the video?

irvingfreeman: what's the name of the song in the background??

mahatach: the cup is simply for misdirection.

taylerdurden14: if someone want to know this i could trade

just write me message.

Uzzi56: It's an old idea. i personally don't like it.

Vlad Kim: the cup doesn't do anything

Toni Gogolev: Ya tozhe lublyu eto pesna)

SmartyPantsUnderwear: Good luck there. 997 to go!

Uzzi56: Cause i know the method, it is clever but it's nothing new, and it's just not my style, of course with a little dress up you could fit it to your style, but i personally wouldn't just make it appear in someone's deck.

SmartyPantsUnderwear: He didnt look very impressed. Straight face is all the emotion david gave. And really, what is the logic behind this trick. 1) If it really was a random deck he borrowed, how would this card get in there? 2) Why would he have to touch the deck if he was going to borrow it? 3) It is because he palmed the card face up into the middle of the deck and then cut it into the deck. Logic

Mattia Gabbiani: so you never saw someone do a magic trick to him XD



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