Need help writing a formal letter to an attorney + legal advice?

writing a letter to an attorney

Hello everybody.

I am new here, found this website when I was browsing on "how to write letters to an attorney".

So this is a pretty long story, but to make it short, I was given a summon to appear in court regarding a (small claim) debt which I was unaware of (kind of misunderstanding. long story as I said).

Anyhow, I represented myself because I could not afford a lawyer. The other party has a lawyer. After a talk with the lawyer about waiving some of the fee, he said he would contact me back.

he did today, and waived some of the fee, but still unreasonable for me. It will sound like I'm asking for more that what is already a good deal, but I believe I deserve it.

So, I want to write him back a letter showing my gratitude for the partial waiver, but

I'd like to also ask for him to consider waiving more given my financial situation and given the situation of the whole case.

I'd be happy to tell the long story, but I prefer not to do it in a public forum. Since english is my second languange and I am not well versed in the legal world, I'd like someone here to give me some advice on how to write the letter, better yet, tell me about my decisions, is it good, bad, the chances the lawyer will waive more, how things usually work. e.g are there a lot of room for negotiation, etc.

I am completely blank, never been to court. never had any legal problems, so this is real new to me.

If someone is willing to help, I'd appreciate it very much, please message me privately if you want further information about the story and help me out further.


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