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Dedicated Representation for Employees

Employment discrimination involves the different treatment of employees based on age, race, sex, gender, pregnancy, religion or other protected classes under federal law. At Sterling Attorneys at Law, our discrimination and wrongful discharge lawyers are dedicated to helping victims of discrimination protect their rights and collect proper compensation for discrimination committed by an employer. If you believe that you have been treated wrongfully or unfairly based on your status as a protected class member, you should seek legal advice.

We can help you protect your rights in the workplace and contest the discriminatory actions of your employer. We will work to get you the compensation you deserve. Contact our Michigan employment law attorneys online. or call 248-419-1958 to schedule an appointment to discuss your situation.

We Handle All Types of Employment Discrimination Cases

At Sterling Attorneys at Law. our lawyers have extensive experience handling all types of discrimination cases, including:

Experienced Help With Wrongful Discharge Claims

If you suspect you are facing termination for a discriminatory purpose, our Bloomfield Hills employment discrimination lawyers can assist you in pre-termination strategy. so you can protect your rights. We will put you in control so you can collect the

appropriate evidence against your employer and build a strong case for discrimination.

Employers often have their own in-house counsel to deal with employment issues. As an employee, if you feel that you are being victimized in the workplace, you should have your own lawyer to help level the playing field and protect your rights before your employment is terminated. Even if you are offered severance, we can review the offer to determine whether it is in your best interest or if another course of action should be sought against your employer.

Protecting the Rights of At-Will Employees

Many at-will employees think that there is nothing they can do when they are fired. In reality, even at-will employees are often protected from discrimination, violations of civil rights, retaliation and other unfair employment practices. We can help you enforce your rights.

Call for a Consultation With a Michigan Wrongful Discharge Lawyer

We have extensive experience representing employees who have been the victims of workplace discrimination. Contact our Detroit employment discrimination attorneys online. or call 248-419-1958 to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your case. We normally take our discrimination and other employee cases on a contingent fee basis. If you do not recover compensation for your claim, neither do we.

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