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Zurich Global Life – Affluent Markets Group

Succeeding in the affluent U.S. life insurance market is strategically important to Zurich Insurance Group's position as one of the world’s leading insurance companies ."

The Global Life Affluent Markets Group is eager to serve the U.S. market with estate planning and business insurance solutions. Our Global Life Affluent Markets Group is a division of Zurich Insurance Group. a global insurer with nearly 140 years of insurance experience and backed by solid financial ratings 1. Our issuing carrier 2. Zurich American Life Insurance Company, was rated A Excellent, Stable by A.M. Best 3. A Strong, Stable by Standard & Poor’s 4 and A3 Good, Stable by Moody’s 5.

Global Life Affluent Markets Group offers financial stability in today’s volatile economy. We are dedicated to working with you to help you build your business. Our strong, reliable brand and innovative product portfolio provides quality solutions for

your clients. Our solutions are developed to address the estate planning and business insurance needs of high net-worth individuals and business owners, with up to $20 million in retention. Our determination to build a devoted partnership for success with you helps to make your life easier when conducting business with us.

We have formed a dedicated team of professional, experienced individuals focused on working with you to build a successful life insurance business in the U.S. market.

Please take a moment to meet the leadership team. We all look forward to developing a valuable and successful relationship with you.

David Dietz

CEO Global Life North America

This Web site is intended for the use of licensed insurance professionals and brokers, particularly those who are business partners of Zurich Affluent Markets. If you are a customer of Zurich, or a member of the public seeking information about Zurich, please visit www.zurich.com

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