The TBM Council Recognizes DIRECTV, Mylan, Nationwide Building Society, CME Group, and The State of Washington as the 2014 TBM Award Winners All-Star Lineup of Winners Recognized for Excellence in Man

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TBM Council Awards

MIAMI. Oct. 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- TBM Conference -- The TBM Council, a non-profit organization dedicated to developing and promoting best practices for managing the business of IT, announced the winners of its second-annual TBM Awards at the TBM Conference today. Winners included DIRECTV for Digital Innovation, Mylan as the Infrastructure Trailblazer, Nationwide Building Society for IT Services Transformation, CME Group as the IT Financial Pioneer, and The State of Washington as the 2014 TBM Champion.

This year's TBM Award winners were chosen by a selection committee comprised of industry-leading IT thought leaders, academics, and technology executives. According to George Westerman. MIT Research Scientist and Selection Committee member, "I was impressed with how the award winners are using financial and process discipline to change their business impact. Each story is different, but they have a common theme. Creating transparency in IT does more than just improve IT.  It sets the stage to deliver business innovation and strategic value."

The TBM Awards were established to applaud best-in-class IT leaders who have transformed IT into a key driver of strategy and success for their organization, with a tangible impact on the bottom and topline results. In today's new IT environment, all companies leverage technology to bring about new lines of revenue, expand their margins, and mitigate operational risk. The 2014 TBM Award winners were recognized for the profound impact they've had on their organizations by driving operational excellence, business innovation, business transformation, and implementing the overall TBM vision.

TBM Award 2014 Winners

  • Digital Innovator Award: Recognizing IT executives who use a digital innovation lens to think about their business.
    • DIRECTV 's IT department was chosen after pairing TBM with new approaches to innovation to get new ideas to market rapidly and with low total cost. The company implemented a "Shark-Tank" style approach, allowing employees to compete for innovation funds based on their ability to factually demonstrate the economic value of their project.
  • Infrastructure Trailblazer Award: Celebrating technology leaders who have leveraged infrastructure engineering for a new level of "business result" – a cost, quality, and value balance.
    • Mylan is a true infrastructure trailblazer that is working hard to meet its goal of doubling its business in the next five years. Mylan's IT department paired TBM with a "cloud-first" strategy to reduce operating costs by up to 30% and capital costs by up to 80%, dramatically reduce delivery timeframes, and improve employee productivity with better communication and collaboration across the enterprise.
  • IT Services Transformation Award: Honoring leaders who have transformed IT from a technology-focused organization into a product or services-led organization.
    • Nationwide Building Society used TBM to become a provider of shared services for IT, payments, security, and other business functions with transparency into

      its costs. TBM supports Nationwide's business transformation initiative, Digital Society, which rapidly provides customers with the services they need, at any time, and through any channel.

  • IT Financial Pioneer Award: Recognizing finance leaders who drive an IT financial strategy that matches the new demands of the IT organization.
    • CME Group relies on TBM to expose the levers of IT supply and demand available to the business while understanding key drivers of spikes in trading demand. CME Group IT partnered with its architects and business owners to understand capacity, and then made architectural and demand management changes to optimize the cost of delivering at scale.
  • TBM Champion Award: Applauding TBM leaders at the forefront of institutionalizing TBM as a methodology within their organizations.
    • The State of Washington is a true TBM Champion. In 2012, the state turned to TBM as a way to meet the Legislature's requests for transparency. TBM methodology is now written into Washington state law as an IT necessity for all state agencies and a TBM advisory group was formed to create a strategic roadmap with feasible and achievable milestones along the journey.

"The more than 1,400 TBM Council participants are reinventing the role of IT within their organizations to deliver better value for their spend, while offering the right services, at the right quality, and the right price. They are driving a dialogue with their business counterparts about cost, quality, and consumption in a common language," said Chris Pick. TBM Council President. "Tonight's TBM Award winners are setting the aspirational standard of excellence for all Council members and I am proud to represent a group of such outstanding leaders."

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About the TBM Council

The TBM Council is led by some of the world's most innovative CIOs at companies like Time Warner, Goldman Sachs, The Coca-Cola Company and Cisco, to name a few. The TBM Council's technical advisor is Apptio. the leading provider of Technology Business Management (TBM) SaaS applications.

Governed by innovative CXOs from a diverse group of Fortune 500 companies, the Technology Business Management (TBM) Council is a nonprofit business entity focused on the development of a definitive framework for running technology organizations like a business. Our mission is to serve equally our members and our profession by synthesizing TBM best practices into a professional and recognized discipline for technology leaders. By participating in the TBM Council, members learn from their peers how to maximize the business impact of every dollar invested in technology and to become more strategic to the business. The TBM Council is open to any qualified business technology executive.

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