Master of Biological Science: Zoology

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Zoologists are concerned with theoretical topics as diverse as molecular evolution, anatomy, physiology, reproduction, behaviour and community ecology, and with applied aspects that range from fauna conservation and pest management to stream ecology and water quality studies.

Course description, features and facilities

The Master of Biological Science with a specialisation in Zoology will provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the structure, function, diversity and evolution of animals, as well as the interaction of animals with each other and the environment.

Students will have the opportunity to study animals and their habitats, including Western Australia's exciting fauna. These habitats are diverse, and range from deserts through to temporary wetlands and rainforests. Zoologists discover the solutions to the problems presented by

these habitats.

This specialisation integrates theory with practical (both field and laboratory) studies utilising many of the animals and ecosystems from the diverse state of Western Australia as examples.

The Faculty is well equipped for teaching and is supported by the world class research of the Centre for Evolutionary Biology, the Oceans Institute, and the Centre of Excellence in Natural Resource Management.

Students must nominate a specialisation on application, the Master of Biological Science has specialisations in;

The Faculty of Science offers Master's by Coursework bursaries for domestic students and Postgraduate Merit scholarships for international students. Please visit the Faculty of Science website for details.

Domestic students may be eligible for a Commonwealth supported place within this course.

Master of Biological Science Course code: 72520


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