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The Zoology major at SIU Carbondale prepares students to work for conservation agencies; enter medical, veterinary, or other professional schools; undertake graduate studies; or follow a wide variety of other career paths in the life sciences.

The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree is designed for students who wish to pursue careers in the scientific study of animals. This degree requires majors to choose specialization in Animal Biology. Environmental Biology. Fisheries Biology and Aquatic Conservation. Pre-Veterinary Science. or Wildlife Biology and Conservation .

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree is for students who

wish to pursue nonscience careers that require advanced knowledge of animals.  Students in the B.A. degree should combine the Zoology major with a second major or minor that matches their career interests.  Specific B.A. course recommendations are available for students seeking careers as zoo keepters.

Our students work closely with a faculty advisor to understand career options, develop their academic objectives, and carry out their senior projects . We are proud to offer an Honors program for interested students as well as a number of scholarships and awards  intended to assist our students financially and reward their achievements.

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Source: www.zoology.siu.edu

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