Wooden donation boxes

wooden donation boxes

Donation & Comment Boxes

Counter top display is an essential part of any retail business and at Slimline Warehouse we have a number of countertop display units to suit your needs. POS counter displays can enhance and encourage more sales and provide customers with advertising and marketing material.

Donation boxes are a popular item for many retailers. Most donation boxes are placed on counter tops as this is where customers are likely to open up their wallets and find a few coins to spare for the charity. They are also often used as ballot boxes or suggestion boxes. Here, people can vote, enter a raffle, or simply make an anonymous suggestion to a business.

Acrylic brochure holders placed as counter top displays will help draw attention to any business. The brochure holders we stock are available in various sizes and placing them on your counter allows people to take brochures as they browse your store. Take

advantage of this by advertising at the entrance of your store- that way people can take a look at the latest products that you are featuring in your shop. This type of counter display is great for travel agents, libraries, councils, retailers and anywhere that needs to display brochures.

Counter display signs are also a great investment especially for retailers that are on sale. Highlighting specials with a counter top display sign only encourages people into the area and you’re more likely to move stock. Counter displays signs are also a great way to provide a quick sign that may need to be posted on the spot. A sign can be quickly created and printed out on a standard printer.

Revolving brochure holders play an important role in giving people access to more information. Placing these brochure holders on counters means that people around the store will be able to view them as information can be viewed 360 degrees.

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