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Out of control debt and missed loan payments don’t happen overnight. Simply deciding to be “better about your finances” will only make the road back longer. Making minimum or late payments toward your mortgage, auto or commercial loan is simply pushing your debt problem down the road. “Tomorrow” is never a solution for debt. Debt is not just a financial problem; it impacts every part of your life and the downward slope of getting further and further behind can quickly cause damage from which your family or business may never recover. Aggressive, affordable and effective Wisconsin bankruptcy and debt attorney solutions are just a phone call away.

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“Credit card and payday loan companies have absolutely no financial incentive to help you out of your financial trouble. Credit card companies and payday loan companies want you to pay a minimum payment for the rest of your life. These companies don’t make money on paid off credit balances;, they make money by keeping YOU at the edge of your financial rope.” —Karl Meyer, Central Wisconsin Law, for Debt Relief Made Personal.

There is no shame in needing debt help. Your family finances are A SMALL BUSINESS; you must look past the emotional aspect of debt if you want the best outcome. Your lender looks at you as a number; they rarely have your best financial interests in mind. Central Wisconsin Law is a debt, insolvency and bankruptcy law firm that works for you. We scour Wisconsin state insolvency and bankruptcy laws to ensure the law works for you.

We’re not like other Wisconsin bankruptcy lawyers

There are no “Cookie Cutter” solutions to your debt problems. Where other Wisconsin bankruptcy law firms have one solution for all of your financial problems, Central Wisconsin Law offers personal guidance. We have a number of debt solution options--from a directly negotiated settlement with your lender all the way to Chapter 7 Bankruptcy; it’s just a question of what solution you or your business might need.Don’t let the closest bankruptcy mill with offices in Eau Claire or Green Bay limit you to a single catch-all debt solution—the one that they just happen to practice. A good bankruptcy attorney should do more than just file bankruptcies; it should offer multiple debt solutions.

Just a few of the options Central Wisconsin Law offers are: Consumer Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, Chapter 128 Personal Receiverships (a perfect solution for Payday loan debt,) Negotiated Debt Settlements, Residential Loan Modifications, consumer attorney advocacy and a full spectrum of small business solutions including Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Chapter 12 and commercial

loan work out. Contact us today to learn about your best options.

“Mill” Style Wisconsin Bankruptcy Law Firms Offer Less Value

“I can’t tell you how many times I have talked to a person during or after a bankruptcy and listened to a horror story of waiting in a room for an hour so that an attorney they’ve never met or spoken to before can go over their bankruptcy petition or worse yet—appear at their bankruptcy hearing! I can’t imagine the letdown of dealing with one of the most stressful times in your life and having someone who knows nothing about you sitting down to represent you at a hearing. When I ask these people “Why?”, they always tell me the same thing: “I thought that firm was the best I could afford” .–Karl Meyer, Wisconsin Debt Attorney

Most bankruptcy or debt law firms charge the same price. The market is competitive, particularly in these tough economic times, and you may end up paying an inexperienced attorney the same amount you would pay Central Wisconsin Law. In fact, with Central Wisconsin Law’s tailored billing structure, you may save yourself money (and certainly a lot of stress) by picking up the phone and calling our Wausau bankruptcy attorneys first.

Skilled Wausau Debt Attorneys to Guide You through “Unmanageable” Debt

Karl A. Meyer Jr. the founder of Central Wisconsin Law has been practicing debt and insolvency law for the majority of his legal career. Beginning in 1997, he has represented some of the largest lenders in the country, and has worked as in-house legal counsel for large national banks. He has filed hundreds of law suits and bankruptcy actions across the state, from Eau Claire to Green Bay, Superior to Kenosha. Karl draws clients largely from Central Wisconsin, including Wausau, Steven’s Point, Rhinelander, Merrill, Antigo, Marshfield and Weston. Remote Wisconsin bankruptcy lawyer services are available via voice chat, email, telephone and special arrangement. Karl has worked with some of the most reputable bankruptcy and debt attorneys in Wisconsin, including those in major metropolitan areas like Madison and Milwaukee. Karl brings his knowledge and experience gained working for some of the largest real estate lenders in the country to work for you, all at a price you can afford.

Our initial evaluation is always free. We offer some of the lowest rates available and we also offer payment plans to make it easier on you. We offer cost effective debt reduction. We will position you for a better future- the one you planned before the debt became too much handle.

View and fill out our printable Wisconsin bankruptcy attorney intake form to help Karl Meyer further understand your personal debt relief situation.

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