1 800 Lawyers

1 800 lawyers

Anyone in business knows advertising is key to bringing in the customers. There’s so many places for people to spend money, you have to make your business known or you’ll never get a slice of the pie. In some fields the competition is very stiff, making your way in nearly impossible. A quick look in the yellow pages will show a mountain of pages, lawyers and firms piled one on top of another. As a lawyer, how can your practice stand out? The answer is 1-800-Lawyers .

What can a 1-800 number do for your practice? A lot more than you would expect. Phone numbers are difficult to remember. Even if your firm has a snappy commercial or radio campaign and viewers remember the name of your practice, they may not remember the phone number. In the process of looking it up, they could instead call another firm. Losing a customer after your advertising hooked them because they couldn’t contact the practice adds insult to injury. To avoid this, 1-800-Lawyers can give your practice a personalized 1-800 number, greatly increasing the chances customers will be able to retain your phone number.

Why does this matter? The key is memory and retention. Names, acronyms, sequences, these are all things that can help people remember things. A string of random numbers is easily forgotten in the hustle and bustle of daily life. It’s easily forgotten within moments of hearing it. There are countless other numbers around us all the time, and they get pushed in and out

of people’s minds. With a personalized 1-800 number from 1-800-Lawyers, even people who do not need a lawyer will be more likely to retain a 1-800 number with a word attached relating to law. If they retain the information, they may call your firm when they do need legal services, or pass it on via word-of-mouth if they hear someone else who needs one. Making your practice stand out as much as possible in as many ways as possible will help bring in more clients.

Credibility is another issue. 1-800 numbers give people the impression your practice is established, that they can rely on you to help with all their legal troubles. If you have a regular, local phone number, they may pass you over as new or inexperienced. The cases that help your firm get on the map may never call or even hear the regular, local number. The personalized number adds a certain flare that says professional.

That 1-800 number sounds a lot more convincing now, right? 1-800 is probably the most recognized sequence of phone numbers, and you hear them everywhere. How many have you heard in your life? Every industry, every business type, there’s tons of 1-800 numbers. Make sure there’s one for your firm too. With area specific call routing, and a recognizable, memorable toll free number with a custom name for your firm, it will be busier than ever. 1-800-Lawyers will be happy to help you with your toll free number needs.

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