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There are really no words to describe my experience with Mr Raxenberg, except excellent. Jay is an incredible attorney, well versed on all divorce legal procedures. Jay worked very hard to ensure that I got the best representation, and he will do the same for you if you retain his services. Jay was available as much as I needed him, and answered all my questions. Jay is very professional, fair minded, and just. I consider him not only a great attorney, I consider Jay a great friend.

When I first came to Jay Raxenberg about my divorce I was very stressed out and nervous, but Jay quickly put me at ease and restored my sense of hope and confidence in my future. He listened to me, asked relevant questions, answered all of my questions thoroughly, and explained my legal rights to me clearly. I hired Jay in September 2014, and ever since then Jay has always responded to all of my phone messages and e-mails immediately. I feel well taken care of and I feel extremely fortunate to be represented by him. Jay understands my needs very well and he cares about me. With Jay, I feel that I got more than I ever expected because I have gained a competent lawyer, a personal advocate, a tough negotiator, and a trustworthy friend. I would highly recommend Jay Raxenberg.

I retained Jay toward the end of my divorce proceedings after going to numerous court appearances with my first attorney who was awful. My case should have been an easy one, however it was completely mishandled from the start. My first attorney was inexperienced, could not read the judge, and my case suffered miserably because of it.Jay was recommended to me by a friend and my only regret is not retaining him in the first place. Jay's awesome personality and demeanor, combined with a quick mind and tongue, wins him favor among the judges and other attorneys. I can't thank him enough. I truly believe the outcome of my proceedings would have been terrible had I not switched attorneys. His fees were completely reasonable and he didn't tack on unnecessary extras to boost up the bill like my first attorney had done. Friends had told me having a great attorney is everything and they were right. Thank you Jay, for everything!

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Handling Divorce & Family Law Issues in Nassau, Suffolk & Queens

I am attorney Jay D. Raxenberg, and we offer experienced legal counsel, representation, and services to individuals and families throughout Suffolk, Nassau, and Queens with divorce and family-related legal issues. As a Long Island divorce lawyer. I am fully committed to protecting my clients’ legal rights and interests throughout their family law cases. I dedicate my time and effort to provide the best possible representation to each one of my clients.

This website has been designed as a tool to help people with their legal matters, offering trusted information regarding a variety of family law and matrimonial issues. Family law issues are very different from other types of legal matters. You are not only dealing with breaking up a romantic partnership; in many cases, entire families and households are involved. I know this requires a delicate touch combined with an unmatched knowledge of the legal system as it applies to families and divorce.

I believe in taking a solution-oriented approach to my cases to help avoid unnecessary and possibly lengthy litigation. Sometimes, however, the best efforts at ending a divorce amicably can be thwarted. If this is the case, you can rest assured that I will use my extensive litigation experience to do everything I can to advocate your best interests.

Divorce & Family Law: Practice Areas

If you are considering filing for a divorce or are dealing with another family law issue, I have the experience and dedication necessary to resolve your case. You need legal advice in regards to a cohabitation agreement or marriage contract, I can review your case and make sure that all the legal processes and paperwork are completed correctly. I can give you the information you need to decide if a legal separation is right for you. If you do not want your divorce case to go to court, I can act as a mediator and try to find a resolution without

dragging your private life through court. If there were children resulting from the marriage, I can guide you through issues relating to child custody, child support, paternity,relocation, and visitation. Also, there will be the matters of property division and spousal support to consider. There are many different types of spousal support, such as:

  • Temporary
  • Rehabilitative
  • Permanent
  • Reimbursement

To determine which spousal support you may need to pay, it is best that you speak with a Long Island divorce attorney.The divorce process can be overwhelming, stressful and emotional and I do my best to ease my clients through with the least amount of stress possible. I am experienced when it comes to all types of paperwork that need to be filed as well as the mediations and negotiations necessary to complete the divorce. Call my firm today to see how I can make the process easier for you while fighting to make sure your wants and needs are met.

Do you need a Long Island Divorce Lawyer?

Deciding to divorce or separate is never an easy decision to make and should only be made after a great deal of thought and consideration. If you and your spouse ultimately decide to proceed with the divorce process, it is important to have an experienced Long Island divorce lawyer working on your behalf to ensure your rights and best interests are protected. There is a great deal of paperwork that must be prepared and filed, and I can ensure that all of your legal documents are filled out correctly and filed with the appropriate courts. While some forms are mandatory for a New York divorce, there are various other forms that can be optional, depending on the couple. Such forms include:

  • Affidavit in support of motion for contempt
  • Contempt of court
  • Affirmation of counsel regarding forensic reports
  • Parenting plan
  • Order to show cause for temporary relief

If you are not filing for divorce, but rather need help resolving another family law issue, I can help to ensure the legal process goes as smoothly as possible. Almost all legal matters, and certainly ones involving family law, can be time sensitive and can have consequences if the paperwork is not filed properly or on time. This is one of the many reasons it is important that you retain professional legal counsel when filing for divorce or dealing with a different family law issue.

I know that it is important to you to do everything possible to avoid a long, tedious and sometimes traumatic process. Family law proceedings are often very emotional and it is easy for people to lose sight of their goals and priorities when attempting to negotiate without a skilled attorney. That is why my team and I are here to give you the legal advice and assistance that you need throughout the process. No matter what your situation involves, an experienced Long Island family lawyer could be able to help you to handle the legal issue as smoothly and promptly as possible .

Contact The Law Offices of Jay D. Raxenberg, P.C. Today!

Whether you need help filing for divorce or are interested in creating a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, you can find the trusted legal counsel you need for all of your family law matters at my firm. I and my legal team strive to make the entire process as painless as possible, as you are likely already going through a difficult time. We genuinely care about our clients and their futures; we have the rare combination of skilled legal experience and personal supportive guidance. For more information about my services, please do not hesitate to contact me at (516)491-0565. I am dedicated to having a strong client-attorney relationship with constant communication so I am available to answer calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you are facing a family law issue or looking to go through a divorce Contact a Long Island divorce lawyer for experienced and dedicated legal representation you can depend on!

Complimentary Informative Seminars

The Law Offices Of Jay D. Raxenberg, P.C. will now be offering free informative seminars for those that are having marital problems and may be considering divorce. These seminars are a great way to learn about the divorce process and what it means for you. For more information – Please visit our Long Island Divorce Seminars page.

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