Traffic lawyer near me

traffic lawyer near me

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A great driving record is no accident! The key to a successful outcome is having an experienced attorney at your side. Scott Markowitz has over 20 years of experience in the Texas court system. For reliable advice, aggressive defense and first class service, the choice is clear — the Markowitz Law Firm.
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Many Texans don’t even know that they have outstanding traffic citations. Click here to see whether you possibly have an outstanding warrant in any Texas court. Plus, you can check whether there might be a hold on the ability to renew your Texas driver’s license.
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The Markowitz Law Firm has provided thousands of motorists with successful outcomes in Texas courts. Let us review your case, today. It’s easy! You can submit your ticket information online.
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G. Allan

Overall I had a great experience. The only improvement I would recommend would be that the client is informed who their attorney will be before the day.b I found I was a little worried as I had no idea what this person looked like and if they were actually in the court. This however was all good in the end and on the day I thought the attorney was fantastic. He came across very well and put me at ease as soon as I spoke with him.

Jefferson S.

Best ticket lawyer I've ever used! The office staff was quick to reply to my initial inquiry and kept me informed of court date change and even sent a reminder a couple days before court day. Court room lawyers were very professional and took time to explain the process before

the roll was even called.

Ana D

Thanks for making this process as painless as possible. I am not American, so I really didn't know what to expect. I was in and out of the courtroom with the ticket dismissed within one hour. I really liked the fact that we could submit everything electronically and it was really uncomplicated. However, some people may like some more communication and guidance as to what to expect, since going to court is kind of a big deal for some people.

Boray Y

Going to court for a traffic violation is not ideal in any way but the level of service and professionalism from the Law Firm makes it manageable. Mr. Markowitz is very helpful and gives good advice. He was able to answer my questions and find the best possible solution. The court room attorneys are great because even though the process is time consuming and we have to wait in court, the attorney's do their best to speed up the process. Also if the case goes to trial they work hard to get a favorable outcome and will assist again if it must be reopened. I am satisfied and use Markowitz Law Firm when I have a traffic tickets. Thank you.

Chris C

Since it was my first time going to court, I was a bit nervous about making sure I was able to meet with my attorney. But after I found out how it worked (pool of attorneys, multiple courtrooms) I understood it would take a bit of time to get things going. The email I received on what to do when going to court was pretty helpful and put my mind at ease a bit.

David G

Excellent service. Great Job! Highly recommend them.


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