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Many Los Angeles employees get terminated due to variety of reasons, including poor work performance, misconduct, dishonesty, violating company policy, to name a few. Since California is an “at will” state, employers can terminate employees with or without just cause, provided that the conditions for doing so do not violate any employment laws. Although the California is an “at will” state, this does not give employers the right to unlawfully terminate employees.

If you were terminated in Los Angeles due to your race, color, national origin, disability, age (if you are 40-years-old or older), religion, marital status, sex, or genetic information, you have the right to file a wrongful termination case. You can also file a claim if you were terminated because you filed or engaged in a complaint against your company regarding employment discrimination, harassment, wage and hour violations, unsafe work conditions, or rest and meal time break violations. Filing a wrongful termination claim against your former employer could be a difficult and daunting task, which is why it is in your best interest to retain the services of our top wrongful termination attorney. Since our wrongful termination lawyers in Los Angeles are among the most experienced and skilled in California, you can be certain that your case will be effectively and aggressively pursued. Furthermore, our best wrongful termination lawyer will assist you throughout all the levels of your case, assuring you with best representation possible.

California Wrongful Termination Lawyers

Our employment and labor law firm’s top Los Angeles wrongful termination attorneys can help you pursue your claim against your former employer. Our wrongful termination lawyer in CA will work relentlessly to make sure that your case will be resolved in your favor. Our top unlawful termination lawyers will also make sure that you will obtain substantial amount of compensations for your damages and loss of past earnings and future earnings, emotional distress, as well as punitive damages.

Wrongful Termination Attorney in California

Pursuing your wrongful termination claim without the assistance of our California wrongful termination attorney could undermine and compromise your chances at obtaining deserved damages. Hence, it is highly recommended that you seek the legal assistance and representation of our top wrongful termination attorney in Los Angeles. Our skilled and experienced wrongful termination lawyers will make sure that your employer will provide you with back pay, reinstatement (or front pay in case reinstatement is not applicable in your case), damages for loss of past and future earnings, and actual damages, which include damages for pain and suffering and emotional distress incurred as a result of your wrongful termination. Our top unlawful termination law firm knows how difficult it is for you to deal with your situation, which

is why our top employment lawyers will employ the most effective strategies on your case for you to get the justice you deserve.

The meaning of ‘At will’

’At will’ employment means employers can terminate or demote their workers with or without any reasons at all. Similarly, employees may also leave their company any time they wish and for whatever reason they have.

However, some exceptions are included in the prevailing federal and state laws. It is definitely illegal for employers to terminate an employee based on discriminatory actions or retaliation for reporting their illegal conduct. Thus, an ’at will’ employee is given the right to initiate a complaint before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Who are assumed as ’at will’ employees?

All non-public employees in California who do not belong to any labor unions and do not sign any employment contract are considered ‘at will’ employees. Nonetheless, if you are an ’at will’ employee terminated from your job, and you think that discrimination or retaliation is the reason behind it, you have the right to seek justice and recoverable compensation.

Employees who have signed a contract with their company have greater protection before the laws. If your employer discharged you from your work before your contract expires without any reasonable cause, you can use such contract as an evidence for your wrongful termination claim.

Our Los Angeles employment lawyers, with notable experience in handling this type of legal action, can provide you with the most reliable legal services in California. We will assure the protection of your rights and safeguard you from any employer retaliation.

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Losing your job for an unlawful reason is a difficult situation to deal with. Our best wrongful termination lawyers in LA know the gravity of your situation; thus, they will take all necessary legal actions to make sure that you will get the damages you deserve. Our top Los Angeles wrongful termination attorneys will guide you in all aspects of your case, from the initial consultation until the resolution of your case, thus, you can be confident that your case will be resolved in your favor. You don’t have to feel alone or anxious about your unlawful termination case, because our best employment attorneys are here to help and support you.

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