What is solicitor

what is solicitor

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In the trial of Tom Robinson, Mr. Gilmer is the circuit solicitor.В  Scout describes him as a man who was from Abbottsville, whom she and Jem and Dill only saw when court was in session.В  He was

a balding, smooth-faced man, he could have been anywhere between forty and sixty. we knew he had a slight cast in one of his eyes which he used to his advantage:В  he seemed to be looking at a person when he was actually doing nothing of the kind, thus he was hell on juries and witnesses.

There is a tension between Atticus Finch and Mr. Gilmer that develops in this chapter because when Mr. Gilmer interviews Sherriff Tate, and Mr. Tate testifies that

Mayella was "pretty well beat up," Mr. Gilmer just thanks Mr. Tate for his testimony, but Atticus asks why a doctor was not called.В  Mr. Gilmer's disinterest seems to irritate Atticus because he senses that Mr. GilmerВ feels his case is already won.

Then, when Atticus asks Bob Ewell if he can write and read, Mr. Gilmer objects, wondering what influence "Mr. Ewell's education had on the case."В  As Atticus continues, Mr. Gilmer half-stands and half-sits at his table, actions that suggest his discomfiture with Atticus's questions which establish Mr. Ewell as being left-handed.В  For, Mr. Gilmer realizes that by pointing out that Bob Ewell is left-handed, Atticus can establish that Tom Robinson is not guilty of striking Mayella since the marks on her face were made by someone who has use of his left hand and arm.В Knowing this crucial fact could swayВ even a complacentВ jury, Mr. Gilmer becomes angry

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